Sitting on the banks of the Holy Loch, uniquely positioned in all-day sunlight with vast, stunning views of mountains, forests, sea and sky, The Shore Cafe was once a post office in need of some serious TLC. 

Owners Susan and Paul took a leap of faith one day in the summer of 2019, and set out to sell up in Glasgow and move closer to family on the coast. Their whim came to fruition in February 2020 when the sale of the old post office finally went through and the scale of the renovation ahead became clear. Just weeks in, and with the builders due to arrive, the first UK-wide lockdown was announced and uncertainty loomed large. 

Once restrictions were lightened in the summer, the pair set to the renovation. Long days and nights followed and The Shore Cafe started to take shape. The doors opened on a glorious September weekend until two days before a new baby joined the family in November. Plans were hatched for returning in the festive season, but sadly another full lockdown followed.


Happily The Shore Cafe is set to open its doors again, with exciting new menu additions, when restrictions lift in April 2021, and the pair are delighted to be able to share their soothing shore-side space and lovingly crafted home-made wares once more.